Projects- Online

my windsor project
My Windsor Project Blog 2013 - 2018. The Windsor Plywood website needed to be streamlined and shift some of the "How-tos" articles and feature customer's projects. I decided to create a blog-style of a web site through WordPress. The criteria were to be responsive and be maintained by more than one person to administer the web site. With the aid of a purchased theme through Themeforest and a national contest in May 2014, content started to follow into the new web site. The result is a website that promotes a new project every Monday and works on any device.
cedar workshop facebook page
The Cedar Workshop Facebook page is a hobby project by the author. The purpose was to create a following, draw attention to videos on the Cedar Workshop YouTube channel and answer questions.

Facebook- Winebarrel (and Custom e-store)

A freelance client required a social media presence and was comfortable with the Facebook platform. Its primary function was to display woodworking projects, inform customers of special events, an integrated e-store and draw attention to the WordPress website.