Newspaper Center Spread Advertisement

A home finishing retail store was having 3 day promotion. The store manager obtained a good deal from the newspaper rep and booked a two page, center spread advertisement in the the local newspaper. Aside from showing the feature products/prices, the ad had to have easy eye travel and follow the “Z” approach. For example, the mouldings and the laminate flooring on the far left hand side are “pointing” the readers eye to the inside of the ad. The readers eye would then be redirected back to the right, with the aid of the tool and then right again with the angle of the plywood. Using the “Z” approach for building ads, in my opinion, is best way to look at an ad. It’s the natural progress of reading (in North America)

Solstice Consulting Business Card & Brochure

A long term client, started up a consulting business in their spare time. The focus was on wellness and bringing out the best in her clients. The branding had to portray harmony, flow and a hint of free spirit.The business card was built, from the ground up in Adobe Illustrator, with full bleeds. The 2 sided, full colour, rack card followed a similar theme to the business card.
When it comes to business branding, I prefer to create the business card first. If another project presents it’s self; brochure, stationary, web site, etc, I then use the business card as a base line. solstice-business-card-700 Solstice-branding-700 solstice-consulting-brochure-700

My Windsor Project Blog

The Windsor Plywood website needed to be streamlined and shift some of the “How-tos”, articles and feature customers projects. I decided to create a blog style of web site through WordPress. The criteria was to be responsive and be maintained by more than one person to administer the web site. With aid of a purchased theme through Themeforest and a national contest on May 2014, content started to follow in to the new web site. The end result is a website that promotes a new project every Monday and works on any device.

ETP Large Brochure

A client, Energy Technology Products, wanted a large format brochure for an up coming trade show. It was trimmed, folded, with full bleed. It would display the product line, services and contact info. This was a first time producing a 8.5″ wide by 11″ deep brochure. After consulting with the printer, the project was laid out on a 18″ wide by 12″ deep page with 1/4 bleed and manual crop marks. Turn around time was 13 hours for production and 3 days for printing.
Press-proof with bleed and crop marks