Six Tips to Get Your Business Noticed Online

Six Tips to Get Your Business Noticed Online

1. Get a domain name
dot-com= $20.00 per year
dot ca= $27.00 per year
Even if you plan on launching your site next year, just get the domain name for now.
Note: Keep it short and simple.
How to get started
Go to


2. Blogger- Blog style of website with “Posts”
– Free –
Blogger is a blog style of website. It’s the fastest way to get online. Blogger was purchased by Google and is totally SEO (Search Engine Friendly). Not as high-tech or polished as WordPress, but still has a bunch of free themes you change on the fly. Can be linked to your YouTube, Facebook or standard website.
How to get started

You can go with the default or get a custom own domain name. ($20/year)


3. WordPress- Blog style website -Free by default, but excellent and creative themes can be purchased – WordPress is the best invention since processed cheese. Clever, creative and easy to update. You can update it yourself and there some pretty cool themes that are free or can be purchased. As you may (or may not) know, it’s based on the blog style of a website. This type of format is really popular with photographers, wedding planners, etc. The main reason is that has some built-in image sizing for your photos and all the code is auto-generated. Lots of add-ons and choices. You can demo a lot of the themes before you choose the one you want. Some work involved to get up and running, but much cheaper and faster than a standard HTML based site. Example:, and
How to get started – Domain name and ($20/year)
– Hosting is required ($96.00/year)
– WordPress program should be in your hosting package (it’s in mine!) Needs to be activated, installed and then its ready for copy/images.

4. YouTube Channel- Free This is the fun part! Everyone loves to learn, share and be entertained. It’s awesome to share a video about something interesting about a product or service. In a nutshell, shoot video on your smartphone and then upload it to your YouTube channel.

Videos can be set to private (email invite) or the public. Also, you can go back to your account and get instant viewer feedback and generate an advertising income from your videos. (Make some bucks to offset costs!) Since YouTube is owned by Google, all the videos and description are SEO friendly.

A good plan is to export the video to an editor in your computer, like Apple’s iMovie. Make edits and cool titles/transitions and upload to your channel. The only downside, once it’s uploaded, you can’t make changes or you lose all your page views.

Workaround: make a new video and then add a link to your existing video through YouTube. i.e. “Click here to see the newest video”.

The key to YouTube channel is getting subscribers. The subscribers get a “Check out the latest video” when your video creation is finished and uploaded. Then page views increase, and slowly in time, the profits will increase. See example:: Cedarworkshop Channel

How to get started – Sign up at
– Shoot a short video
– Upload, add title, description, allow private or public viewers and watch.

5. Facebook Fan Page It works with your Facebook profile. It’s a little clunky, but in theory you can post your business/hobby.
How to get started – Open a Facebook profile and click “create a page”

6. Google Adsense Account – Free –
Once ignored by most graphic designers as breaking up the webpage and being too high-tech. But, it’s been around for a while and Google is always making it more flexible for the ads to fit into your site. Also, earning a few bucks here and there can’t hurt your hosting costs. Why not get started… and it’s free!. Open a Google Adsense account and link it to your bank account. Then you can place ads throughout your site.

Bonus section: A little techie, but it will all help in the long run
Feedburner – Free –
You create a feed where if you post on YouTube, then your blog, Facebook or website should get an instant update. Google also loves FeedBurner. Really search engine friendly.

Sitemap – Free –
Google will index your web site (WordPress or HTML) faster with a site map. Go to Generate one and then upload it into the “public_html” or “www” folder on your hosting server.

If you want to get on the web, feel free to contact me and we can talk.