Freelance Projects

Print/Digital - White Paper

whitepaper, print,airplus,
The white paper was based on an awareness campaign. The digital white paper would be displayed on the website or sent out by email. The goal was to educate and inform the customer with copywriting and rich images.

Print/Digital - Sellsheet

sellsheet, auto, ETP,
Sellsheet- 8.5" x 11", full colour, double sided

Print/Digital - Sellsheet

cookin in the kitchen,
Sellsheet- 8.5" x 11, full colour, double sided

Print/Digital - Large Format Brochure

brochure, print, digital,
4 Page, large format brochure, finish size 8.5" x 11'

Print/Digital - Large Format Brochure

conquest, brochure, print,
Conquest Equipment was a local company that built custom-made air filtration units to businesses across Canada. A four-page, full colour, 8.5" x 11 finished size brochure was created for tradeshow events and select mail outs to customers. All typography and image manipulations were completed by Scott and within a time frame of 4 weeks (including printing)
cedar workshop facebook page
The Cedar Workshop Facebook page is a hobby project by the author. The purpose was to create a following, draw attention to videos on the Cedar Workshop YouTube channel and answer questions.

Digital Blog-

my windsor project
My Windsor Project Blog 2013 - 2018. The Windsor Plywood website needed to be streamlined and shift some of the "How-tos" articles and feature customer's projects. I decided to create a blog-style of a web site through WordPress. The criteria were to be responsive and be maintained by more than one person to administer the web site. With the aid of a purchased theme through Themeforest and a national contest in May 2014, content started to follow into the new web site. The result is a website that promotes a new project every Monday and works on any device.

Digital - Custom YouTube Channel

Youtube, cedarworkshop,
The original purpose of the Cedar Workshop channel was to share videos with friends in another part of Canada. Over three months, it was soon apparent some interest was generated, and the subscriber count rose to over 1000 subs. The channel was then transformed into a YouTube channel to increase subscribers and share information.

Digital & e-Store - Facebook

A freelance client required a social media presence and was comfortable with the Facebook platform. Its primary function was to display woodworking projects, inform customers of special events, an integrated e-store and draw attention to the WordPress website.